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Established in 2002 and headquartered in San Jose, California, Skybox Security is a privately held company with worldwide sales and support teams, serving an international customer base of more than 700 large enterprises and government agencies.

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The Skybox Security Suite

The Skybox® Security Suite is a cyber risk management platform built to conquer security challenges in complex enterprise networks.

By integrating with more than 120 networking and security technologies, the Suite gives exceptional and seamless visibility across physical IT, multi–cloud and OT networks. Our analytics and intelligence provide the context needed to bridge the gaps between point solutions, so security teams can fulfill the goals of vulnerability, threat, firewall and security policy management programs — even in the world’s largest organizations.

Skybox Vulnerability Control – Create a single source of truth for all vulnerability data, find exploitable and exposed vulnerabilities within your infrastructure, accurately prioritize patches and leverage security controls to mitigate risk.

Skybox Research Lab – Get consolidated, analyst–validated intelligence from dozens of security data sources to use in vulnerability and threat management as well as firewall and security policy management.

Skybox Firewall Assurance – Bring all your firewall infrastructure into a single view, continuously monitor policy compliance, optimize rulesets and find attack vectors other technologies may miss.

Skybox Network Assurance – Gain seamless visibility across hybrid environments and complex network zones, bring policy violations to light and get the insight needed to reduce attack vectors and avoid network disruption.

Skybox Change Manager – Turn complex firewall change requests into a secure, manageable and automated workflow, and assess changes for violations and security risks before they go live.

The Skybox Security Suite

Why SecureCraft?

SecureCraft is a value-added information technology security distributor of cutting edge solutions. At SecureCraft, we believe our business partners and customers require products, technologies and services that best fit their individual business needs.

The SecureCraft Advantage:

√ Broad range of solutions
√ Extensive product knowledge
√ Committed and experienced staff
√ Strong technical support

The SecureCraft Advantage

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