Past Events

Cato and Securecraft partnership with Bridgenet - Introducing The World’s First SASE Platform (Malaysia)

2 March 2023

SecureCraft Bountiful Reunion 2023

30 January 2023

Special thanks to our generous and supportive Platinum sponsors: CLAROTY, CATO, NETGAIN
Sponsors: Keysight, Skybox

Bitsight CGD 5th Cyber Security Summit 2022 (Malaysia)

3-5 November 2022

GovWare 2022

18-20 October 2022

A highly anticipated event of 2022 is over in a blink! SecureCraft is so grateful to meet every one of you at our booth, sharing contagious laughters, conversations and overdose of sweet treats 🍧. Special thanks to our featured vendors Bitsight, Cloudflare and Keysight! The applaudable efforts for the 3 days of non-stop discussions!!! 👏 👏 👏

Kudos to SecureCraft team! You are AMAZING! Time to lift up our feet after standing for 3 days, let down our hair and enjoy the long weekend! Till we meet again in Govware 2023.

Claroty xDome

4 October 2022

Thank You For Joining Us Claroty Partner Update 2022 and New Product xDome Introduction

Eclypsium Training

28-29 September 2022

2 days of interactive technical training conducted by Eclypsium, Principal Sales Engineer, Anthony Ng, had gotten our inquisitive participants hyped up and excited with hands-on experience to deploy and manage the Eclypsium Platform.

Skybox Cyber Risk Quantification Executive Luncheon (Malaysia)

13 September 2022

Presented by Mr. Haggai Polak, Chief Product Officer, Skybox Security.

Safebreach Partnership Launch (Malaysia)

7 September 2022

Safebreach Launch Event

31 August 2022

Let’s celebrate our distributorship with SafeBreach today with our spontaneous customers who took time to grace our event! It was lovely to see everyone once again, but without masks officially! A toast to our partnership and many more to come!

Claroty Update H1 2022 (Malaysia)

4 August 2022

Cloudflare Enterprise Updates Partner Exclusive (Malaysia)

2 August 2022

Arctic – Cyber Monitoring In Real-Time (Malaysia)

19 July 2022

Keysight Appreciation (Durian)

18 July 2022

Beyondtrust - Securecraft - NCS Appreciation Night

15 July 2022

Introduction to Cato Network – Embrio

7 July 2022

Wrapping up yet another amazing event this time with Embrio Enterprises Pte. Ltd. and CATO Networks! Thank you for the great invites, Team Embrio Enterprises Pte Ltd! Incredible sharing and demo by Demetrius and Huang Lin, Team Cato Networks!
Food was awesome with great company! Toasts to great partnerships!

BeyondTrust Cybersecurity & Threat Intelligence Summit 2022 (Malaysia)

21 & 22 June 2022

Cato Technical and Partner Enablement (Malaysia)

16 June 2022

Cato Bintara Collaborate Introduction to Customer (Malaysia)

15 June 2022

Cato Technical and Partner Enablement (Malaysia)

13 June 2022

Skybox Forum Pengguna MyGov*Net (Malaysia)

9 June 2022

Skybox Security Partner Workshop (Malaysia)

2 June 2022

Cloudflare Zero Trust Introduction

26 May 2022

A hugeeeeee thank you to all our partners who attended our Cloudflare #zerotrust Partner #workshop  today! We hope you’ve enjoyed yourself and got to know more about Cloudflare Zero Trust.

Cloudflare – Zero Trust Workshop (Malaysia)

31 March 2022

Securecraft: OT Seminar with Beyondtrust & Keysight

30 March 2022

Embracing Cybersecurity Paradigms with visibility and context
(Securecraft, Skybox and Wizlynx)

Embracing Cybersecurity Paradigms with visibility and context (Securecraft, Skybox and Wizlynx)

24 March 2022

Introduction to Cato Networks (Malaysia)

17 March 2022

Eclysium – Threats Below The Surface In High-Risk Devices (Malaysia)

4 August 2021

BeyondTrust iSprint Collaborate Webinar (Malaysia)

2 December 2020

Tackling RiMT with BeyondTrust and iSprint.

BeyondTrust Remote Support Workshop (Malaysia)

24 September 2020

Chinese New Year 2020 Networking Session

5 February 2020

Let's Talk RMIT With SailPoint (Malaysia)

23 May 2019

Chinese New Year Networking Session

21 February 2019

Chinese New Year Gathering 2019

Team bonding over food and games for the festive season.

Singapore Team - 13 Feb 2019

Kuala Lumpur Team - 15 Feb 2019

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