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Attacks on web applications and servers are more complex and frequent than ever. Organizations continue to suffer costly data breaches using WAFs that still rely on signatures and pattern matching as their primary defenses; technologies that are easily evaded. And moving applications to the cloud does not make them any safer.

The NSFOCUS on-premise and cloud WAF uses next generation technologies to provide comprehensive app layer security, eliminating these problems and completely protecting your critical web applications. With full out-of-the-box protection against the OWASP Top Ten, the WAF is specifically engineered to protect nut just web applications, but their underlying infrastructure, plug-ins, protocols, and more.

Advanced, Innovative Technology
The NSFOCUS WAF technology is powered by an internationally-recognized research lab and developed with over 10 years of experience protecting the world’s largest banks, telecommunications, gaming, and social media companies. The WAF uses Intelligent Detection™ advanced machine learning technology (patent pending) that is far superior for identifying web attacks and minimizing false positives/negatives than traditional positive and negative security models to deliver next-gen real-time web security.

Advanced, Innovative Technology

Comprehensive, Multi-Layer Security
The WAF serves as an essential part of a multi-layer security strategy by providing advanced inspection and specialized security for the web application layer. It also includes up to 1 Gbps of DDoS protection from volumetric layer 7 attacks, including TCP flood and HTTP/S GET/POST floods. When deployed together with higher capacity NSFOCUS on-premises or cloud ADS anti-DDoS Defenses, the WAF can direct traffic flows in real-time to the ADS to keep your servers running under the most extreme DDoS attacks.

Comprehensive, Multi-Layer Security

Web Security Made Smart And Simple
The NSFOCUS WAF is the ideal solution for safeguarding your critical web infrastructure whether on-prem or in the cloud. With Intelligent Detection, Smart Patch, Threat Intelligence and ADS anti-DDoS integration, the WAF delivers high quality application
layer security for organizations of any size.


Eliminate costly data breaches

Reduce false positives to ensure business continuity

Simplify PCI compliance efforts

Key Features

Comprehensive Protection
Full application layer transparent and reverse proxy for complete out-of-the-box OWASP Top Ten Protection

Best-in-Class HTTPS Performance
Transaction optimized appliances provide high HTTPS performance

Multi-Layered Hybrid Security
Integrates with NSFOCUS on-prem & cloud DDoS solutions for ensuring performance during the largest DDoS attacks

Closed Loop Vulnerability Mitigation
Integrates with NSFOCUS WVSS web scanner for fastest time for 0-day vulnerability mitigation by automatically creating virtual patching policies for most found vulnerabilities


Web Security Made Smart And Simple
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