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While there is no shortage of news when it comes to cyber-attacks and their devastating effects on enterprises; it may be surprising to know that DDoS attacks are still on the rise. In fact, DDoS attacks continuing to increase in frequency, volume and duration. While sophisticated attacks are what gets covered in the news, DDoS attacks have become a staple for cyber-attackers to use when looking to affect a business’s continuity and reputation, or a way to generate income.

Today’s threat actors understand how easy and inexpensive it is to launch DDoS attacks that result in Internet outages and potential damage to enterprise infrastructure. Modern DDoS attacks are taking advantage of volumetric attack tactics as well as expanding on application vectors, making them difficult to defend. With internet access now a critical component of any business, it is impossible to shut down services and wait for the attack to subside.

Enterprise Private And Public Cloud Protection
As Enterprise shift their production and development into AWS, Azure and Remote Cloud platform, NSFOCUS DDOS protection are positioned to help protect your critical workloads. Leverage our on premise or cloud DDOS solution to regain control and confidence with our vigorous layered protections from sophisticated attacks today. You would be surprise of minimal protection exist with your provider today so don’t be a victim to an attack that can jeopardize countless business loss from downtime. With either options of direct or remote scrubbing capability to ensure your Private or Public Cloud workloads are fully protected.

On-Demand DDoS Protection With Automation
NSFOCUS has developed a large-scale DDoS Cloud infrastructure, which leverages purpose-built carrier grade DDoS protection appliances, with the industry’s lowest false positives. The NSFOCUS Cloud DDoS Protection service allows Enterprises to deploy seamless DDoS protection as an integral component of their infrastructure. With true automation part of the NSFOCUS service, attacks are detected and remediated immediately, with no disruption to services.

Local Traffic With Remote Scrubbing
Unlike other DDoS Cloud Protection providers that require a permanent connection to a specific data center for all traffic, NSFOCUS has implemented a remote DDoS scrubbing capability that absorbs attack traffic at the source, while ensuring local traffic is unaffected and is not re-routed which would incur additional latency.

Transparent Elastic DDoS Scrubbing
The NSFOCUS Cloud DDoS Protection is designed to flex with the attack volume and duration. Regardless of your Internet access connection speed, the NSFOCUS service is able to absorb attacks that exceed multiple terabytes. The ability to absorb DDoS attacks from their origin, even if they are geographically spread across the globe, ensures attacks are suppressed while allowing legitimate traffic to continue unhindered.



Wide Range Of Attack Protection
NSFOCUS Cloud DPS provides a wide range of mitigation policies & algorithms capable of defeating L3/L4 and L7 DDoS attacks, regardless of their size, frequency duration, & complexity

Delivering Clean Traffic
NSFOCUS provides flexible “clean traffic re-injection” options when connecting to the NSFOCUS Cloud. Due to Traditional GRE Approaches being less reliable NSFOCUS provides direct access within a common data center or alternatively, through NSFOCUS Partner Connection Program- providing reliable access to over 150 data centers globally

Flexible Options
There are flexible options available with models serving all customers, when using the NSFOCUS Cloud. NSFOCUS does not penalize for needing always-on vs. on-demand, nor are there additional charges to protect additional IP addresses

Future Ready – IPv6 Capable
As IPv4 address space runs out, IPv6 is fast approaching. Be assured that the NSFOCUS Cloud is ready to support and provide protection for your critical infrastructure- as you begin to migrate to IPv6

Hybrid Ready
The NSFOCUS Cloud is hybrid ready when used with On-premises Defenses, providing unlimited DDoS mitigation to protect your infrastructure


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