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Eclypsium® helps organizations manage and protect devices for their distributed workforce, data centers, and networks, down to the firmware and hardware level.     

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Eclypsium Enterprise Firmware Security

Firmware is the Foundation of the Enterprise Tech Stack

Today’s Enterprise is widely distributed and diverse. So is the information technology it relies on. It is in the cloud and on-premises, but it is also at home and on the road. Eclypsium secures the firmware every device relies on, from corporate laptops to network equipment and servers.

Eclypsium’s customers know their devices need to be protected not just at the application and OS levels, but all the way down to the firmware and hardware levels where ransomware and advanced attacks are focused.

The Eclypsium platform secures the enterprise by ensuring the integrity of every device at the firmware and the hardware levels, from basic device health and patching to real-time protection against persistent threats.

Some Common Eclypsium Use Cases

Attack Surface Management:

  • Visibility and Asset Discovery
  • Hardware Vulnerability and Risk Assessment
  • Firmware Update Management
  • Virtual Patching of Vulnerabilities

Threat Prevention:

  • Detection of Threats
  • Mitigation and Protection
  • Protection From Supply Chain Attacks
  • Protecting Employee Laptops During Travel


These are just some of the potential use cases for the Eclypsium technology. The hardware layer is a particularly active area of research – and conflict between advanced attackers and defenders.

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Why SecureCraft?

SecureCraft is a value-added information technology security distributor of cutting edge solutions. At SecureCraft, we believe our business partners and customers require products, technologies and services that best fit their individual business needs.

The SecureCraft Advantage:

√ Broad range of solutions
√ Extensive product knowledge
√ Committed and experienced staff
√ Strong technical support

The SecureCraft Advantage

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