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Cloudflare provides integrated Performance, Security, Reliability, and Insight solutions to anything connected to the Internet as a Network Edge-As-A-Service.

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Cloudflare Enterprise Plan

Cloudflare Enterprise Plan is a suite of services (not limited) including Managed DNS, DDoS Mitigation, WAF, CDN, SSL, Multi-Users Role-Based Access, Access to Enterprise Raw Logs, Dedicated Enterprise Support with 100% SLA uptime at a predictable flat rate subscription model. Cloudflare’s services are identical at all 175+ datacenters with a total network capacity of more than 30Tbps (and growing).

Managed DNS – Cloudflare is the fastest & largest Managed DNS provider, ensuring DNS availability with 100% SLA uptime.

Advanced DDoS Mitigation – A leader in Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) mitigation, Cloudflare protects your websites and other web properties from web threats at the network edge, eliminating threats before they reach your server. DDoS Mitigation is unlimited and unmetered (no overage charges) at Layer 3, 4, 7 and DNS.

Dynamic Web Application Firewall – The powerful Web Application Firewall (WAF) defends your website from SQL injections, cross-site scripting (XSS) and application specific attacks. Full-integrated with DDoS protection, Cloudflare’s WAF blocks millions of threats daily and automatically learns from each new attack.

Elevated Performance Benefits – Cloudflare employs both static content caching and dynamic content acceleration to ensure your content is closer to your site’s visitors and optimised for their device, browser or bandwidth needs. With add-on features Stream and Stream Delivery, Cloudflare supports video caching and live video streaming.

Cloud-Based Service – Cloudflare is a fast, easy-to-deploy, and scalable layered defence against DDoS, data compromise, and malicious bots. It is designed to deliver three critical advantages – scale, performance, and ease-of-use.

Enterprise Grade Service – Get 24/7/365 service, role-based account access, named technical resources, 100% uptime and 25x Enterprise SLA, network prioritisation, and access to raw logs.

Why SecureCraft?

SecureCraft is a value-added information technology security distributor of cutting edge solutions. At SecureCraft, we believe our business partners and customers require products, technologies and services that best fit their individual business needs.

The SecureCraft Advantage:

√ Broad range of solutions
√ Extensive product knowledge
√ Committed and experienced staff
√ Strong technical support

The SecureCraft Advantage

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