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High-quality video requires multiple vendors on top of an already complex vendor landscape to deliver performant and secure web and mobile applications. Using multiple products and vendors with varying pricing structures, SLAs, dashboards, APIs, and support teams creates unnecessary complexity that reduces agility and impacts development speed.

Cloudflare Stream makes integrating high-quality streaming video into a web or mobile application easy. Using a single dashboard or API, businesses can focus on creating the best video experience
for their customers. It is no longer necessary to manage separate services for data storage, media encoding, video embedding, regional delivery and analytics.

Benefits of Cloudflare Stream

Benefits of Cloudflare Stream

Scalable Encoding and Storage
Video encoding/transcoding for the most popular file formats are supported and all content is transported using TLS to secure storage.

Instant Global Distribution
Cloudflare’s next-generation CDN instantly streams high-quality video from the closest of Cloudflare’s 150+ global data centers to the visitor.

Unbranded Player
Cloudflare’s unbranded video player matches the look and feel of an app without including links to third-party sites.

Mobile First
Adaptive bitrate streaming with HLS and MPEG-DASH avoids buffering on any network while reducing battery usage and data consumption.

Cloudflare Stream – FAQ

What formats and quality levels are supported?
Cloudflare decides on which bitrate, resolution and codec is best for you. We encode all videos to industry standard H264 codec. We use a few different adaptive streaming levels from 360p to 1080p to ensure smooth streaming for your audience watching on different devices and bandwidth constraints.

Can I download original video files from Stream?
Video cannot be downloaded from Cloudflare stream. Each user starts with a 100 GB storage limit. This only includes original video storage. Users should write into [email protected] to request a higher limit.

Can I embed videos on Stream even if my domain is not on Cloudflare?
Yes. Stream videos can be embedded on any domain, even domains not on Cloudflare.

How can I get a preview link to watch my video?
Every video gets a preview URL, you can find it in the dashboard (click the button to copy a link to the video) or in the API:


What input file formats are supported?
Users can upload video in the following file formats: MP4, MKV, MOV, AVI, FLV, MPEG-2 TS, MPEG-2 PS, MXF, LXF, GXF, 3GP, WebM, MPG, QuickTime

What browsers does stream work on?
The Stream player can be successfully embedded on the following platforms:

browsers that steam work on

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