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Secure Application Access Without A VPN

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Securing internal applications using a VPN is cumbersome to implement and maintain, lacks granular access controls, and doesn’t meet the performance needs of mobile users.

Cloudflare Access protects internal resources without having to setup a VPN. With Cloudflare Access,
only authenticated users with the required permissions are able to access specific resources behind the Cloudflare edge. Support for existing identity providers such as GSuite and Okta ensures the right users have easy and instant access regardless of physical location.

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Control User Access to Applications

Enforce access to specific applications on a per-user basis with easy-to-create and manage rules. Adding and removing access to applications doesn’t require adding one-off groups or creating extra user accounts. Easily change access policies from the dashboard or API.

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Deploy and Manage Access Control Quickly

Leverage existing identity providers and authenticate on the Cloudflare global network. Maintaining multiple or shared user accounts to internal resources is no longer necessary. Identity providers include: GoogleTM, G SuiteTM, GithubTM, OktaTM, FacebookTM, and more...

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Deliver Fast Applications to Devices Anywhere

Users get easy, secure, and fast access to internal applications wherever they are, from whatever device. Cloudflare's global network accelerates applications while also doing away with additional latency and the unnecessary authentication hassles of VPNs.

Monitor User Access

Monitor User Access and Change Logs

View and search real-time access logs in the dashboard or integrate with a third party SIEM. Have full visibility into: recent logins, access requests, and policy changes. Search for and expand logs directly in the dashboard to see affected users, associated IPs, domains, actions taken, and timestamps.

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