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Attivo Networks® provides an innovative defense for protection against identity compromise, privilege escalation, and lateral movement attacks. The company’s solutions deliver unprecedented visibility, prevention, and derailment for security exposures, attack paths, and attack escalation activities across endpoints, Active Directory, and cloud environments.

Attivo Networks

Attivo Networks ADSecure for Active Directory Protection

ADSecure prevents attackers from accessing information from Active Directory by efficiently concealing the real objects and returning fake information when an attacker queries AD to access critical assets in the network.

Protecting Active Directory has become increasingly complex with pervasive access and a multitude of objects with varying levels of privilege and domain control. Monitoring and keeping this environment secure has become a significant challenge and comes with dire consequences when that control is lost to an attacker.

ADSecure takes a different approach to other security solutions by providing early alerting when an attacker makes a query and then prevents his ability to enumerate the network accurately by providing him false information.

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Attivo Networks Endpoint Detection Net (EDN) Suite

Prevent attackers from breaking out from an infected system by restricting their ability to move laterally or conduct reconnaissance.

Protecting endpoints and preventing the spread of infected systems is a critical concern for organizations of all sizes. The Attivo Endpoint Detection Net (EDN) product complements existing endpoint security solutions by detecting an attacker early in the attack cycle and preventing them from establishing a foothold. The EDN product tackles endpoint security challenges head-on by making every endpoint a decoy, designed to disrupt an attacker’s ability to break out and further infiltrate the network.

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Attivo Networks BOTsink® Deception Decoy Technology for Threat Detection

The BOTsink® Solution Offers Network-Based Threat Deception for Post-Compromise Threat Detection. The Attivo BOTsink® solution stands guard inside your network, using high-interaction deception and decoy technology to lure attackers into engaging and revealing themselves. Through misdirection of the attack, organizations gain the advantage of time to detect, analyze, and stop an attacker.

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Why SecureCraft?

SecureCraft is a value-added information technology security distributor of cutting edge solutions. At SecureCraft, we believe our business partners and customers require products, technologies and services that best fit their individual business needs.

The SecureCraft Advantage:

√ Broad range of solutions
√ Extensive product knowledge
√ Committed and experienced staff
√ Strong technical support

The SecureCraft Advantage

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