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Cyber-warfare has changed. So should your network security.

We live in an age of cyberwarfare, yet trust is assumed. And the introduction of hybrid IT has killed the perimeter. Traditional perimeter security is static, nonresponsive and centralized. It operates on a misplaced sense of trust and grants over-entitled access to entire corporate networks. Traditional VPNs, so-called next generation firewalls, and NACs are simply not fit for purpose in a perimeter-less world. It’s time for a security model that focuses on the user – a Software-Defined Perimeter (SDP). AppGate is a different kind of network security provider, built for the new requirements of modern, hybrid enterprise IT.

AppGate SDP is a new approach to security. It secures the network with a Software-Defined Perimeter – a network security model that dynamically creates one-to-one network connections between the user and the resources they access. AppGate SDP complies with and extends beyond the three core principles of the Cloud Security Alliance’s SDP specification to deliver the industry’s only identity-centric, network-enforced perimeter:

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Designed around user and device identity, not the IP address. SDP builds a multi-dimensional profile of a user or device and authorizes users before granting access.

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Zero-Trust Model

Enforces the 'zero trust model' by applying the principle of least privilege to the network. It completely reduces the attack surface.

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Built Like Cloud,
For Cloud

Built for the cloud, and like the cloud. Engineered to operate natively in cloud networks, it's completely distributed and as scalable as the internet itself.


  • Better network security than legacy VPNs, firewalls and NACs
  • Meet compliance requirements in an ‘audit-ready’ manner
  • Secure public cloud workloads with native integrations to cloud-specific security
  • Provide consistent access control across hybrid environments
  • Entitle remote and third-party access with fine-grained controls
  • Reduce the network attack surface by as much as 98%
  • Mitigate exposure from DDoS attacks
  • Seamlessly connect users to applications using patented multi-tunnel capabilities

AppGate SDP is a powerful network security platform that delivers the industry’s most comprehensive Software-Defined Perimeter solution, capable of securing any application, on any platform, in any location.

Live Entitlements: Dynamic, Context-Sensitive Access Policies

AppGate SDP replaces static access rules with live entitlements–dynamic, context-sensitive access policies. Live Entitlements dynamically change security based on what users are doing, where and when. This fine-grained access control ensures individual users access only what they need to do their jobs. It delivers consistent, automated security and removes the human error factor.

Fine-Grained, Individualized Network Access

AppGate SDP uses a real-time understanding of policy to create individualized perimeters for each user. It ensures that all endpoints attempting to access a given infrastructure are authenticated and authorized prior to being able to access any resources. Once authorized, AppGate SDP creates an encrypted tunnel – a ‘Segment of One’ – allowing traffic to flow only from the user device to the protected resource.

Protects End-User Devices From Unauthorized Access

AppGate SDP’s Ringfence™ feature isolates and protects both the protected resource and the user device from all inbound connections by securing the latter from inbound connections. Access to internal resources can be granted without concern about malicious users on the local network. Local outbound traffic (DNS, etc.) is untouched.

Safe From Prying Eyes

Single-Packet Authorization technology cloaks infrastructure so that only verified users can communicate with the system. It’s invisible to port scans and cryptographically hashed as further defense. Gateways and controllers are completely cloaked so they cannot be probed, scanned, or attacked. This significantly reduces the network attack surface by preventing network reconnaissance and limiting lateral movement.

Enterprise-Grade, Cloud Native, Cloud Scale

AppGate SDP is engineered to operate natively in cloud networks, with a completely decentralized, distributed, stateless network architecture. Native integration with cloud-specific security features secures public cloud workloads and provides consistent access controls across hybrid environments at scale. Users can leverage patented multi-tunnel capabilities to seamlessly connect users to applications wherever they run.

By 2021, 60% of enterprises will phase out network VPNs for digital business communications in favor of software-defined perimeters.

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